How to register in the bookmaker office 1xbet?

1xbet is a big company-bookmaker, founded in Russia in 2007, which operates in several countries all over the world (more than 600 branches), including Nigeria. It takes bets online and offline. The addresses of the offices of 1xbet you can find on the website of the company.

Users of 1xbet have different opportunities to make payments, to overview the statistics and discuss different sweepstakes. The great advantage of the site is its convenience and understandable navigation.

There are 3 ways to register on the web-site. If you would like to register on the website, just click on the button “registration” in the horizontal part of the menu and then choose the most appropriate way for you.

Way № 1 - via mobile phone

  1. Firstly, you should enter your phone number and then, after the entry, if the data is correct, you will see the message “OK” above the entry field.
  2. Secondly, open the menu and choose your currency.
  3. Thirdly, create your own password. It should consist of minimum 8 symbols (more - the better). You should use minimum 1 upper and lower letters and one numeral (0-9). You can’t use such symbols, as +-?%*. Everything is correct if you see the green light after the entry of your password.

    Advice! If you move the cursor to the scale, the rules for creating a password will appear in the additional window

  4. Repeat you created password
  5. Click the button “registration” and then follow the tips of 1xbet

Way № 2 - via E-mail

In this way you should fill in two blocks with fields

  1. Personal data
    1. Choose your country by clicking on it in the list
      Notification: in this way you can also enter other data on the site (click and choose)
    2. Choose the region and the city, where you live
    3. Enter your first and second names (according to the data in your passport)
  2. Account data
    1. Choose the currency, in which you will make bets
    2. Enter your password and confirm it (see paragraph 1)
    3. Enter your valid E-mail address (for verification of your account and communication with the web-service)
  3. Account activation
    1. Under the data blocks at the bottom of the page you should click on the link “I am older than 18” to confirm your adulthood and the possibility to make bets with 1xbet
    2. Then you should click on the inscription “registration” to create your own account.
    3. After that you will receive an email from the service on your email address. Click on the link “finish the registration” in the text of the message.
    4. You will see in a new browser tab a message, that your account has been successfully activated. In order to authorize click on the link “here” on the same page.

Way 3 - via account in a social network (for example Google +)

If you would like to register using this way it won’t take you more than a minute. Integration is available with Facebook, Vk or Google +

  1. First of all you should authorize in a social network, which you are going to use for registration in 1xbet
  2. You should click on the icon of the corresponding social network on the page “Social network”
  3. Allow the site to access your page in the network on the opened page
  4. Copy from the website an account number and generated password using one of the following ways

    “Save data to a file” - the text-file will be saved on your computer
    “Save as an image “ - you data will be saved on your computer as an image
    “Send by E-mail” - the letter with your data will be sent on your E-mail

  5. Click the button “enter the site” in order to authorize
  6. Go to the settings, if you would like to bind you telephone number to an account.